How to become from idiot to a professional trader

Hi, this is the complete guide to become from idiot to a professional trader (like me, maybe???), using Price Action Signal Indicator (mrPriceAction).

Following this unique signals you can get best Forex and Binary Options Entry.

Let’s see any examples

First of all, MPA get two Super Signals on February, 10 2017:

As you can see, on GBPCAD and GBPNZD pairs we gets tow super signal, it’s to say that in this two pairs we have a Super Pinbar & Engulfing bar & Fakey signal all at the same time. Powerful.

S= Super Pinbar

E= Engulfing bar

F= Fakey signal (it means false break of suppor or resistance level, it depends if Green or Red)

S= on the right – Super Signal come on when all the previous conditions are true!!!!

So look firs signal below

GbpCad. Price action form a Super pinbar (if you have my strategy and my little boy -MPA- you would know what I’m talking about now) and an Engulfing, plus a Fakey signal that means price don’t like stay below this level. But this is how I see and nothing more.

Next few hours price don’t confirm what he had shown, in fact fall down, nullify all possible entry.

This means that also beautiful signal are nullify if there aren’t the correct entry rules. In this case one more rule must be true: break the higest of super pinbar. This don’t happened and all possible signal come off.

Next one

GbpNzd. This is a very copy of previous signal (almost).

So at the end of all, I show you in fact, how also amazing signal are nothing if you dont’ are in the right position. You must be a professional trader only with a professional instrument, that give you best of all Price Action signal ever.

MrPriceAction (MPA) indicator is one of the best metatrader4 indicator, that scans for you in REAL TIME up to 270 forex graphics. What did you expect more from an indicator? And at this ridiculous price?

That’s all for today. If you want to download MPA follow all steps in this page:

Download price action indicator

Michele G.


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EurJpy Super Price Action H1 Signal how to make money fast

EurJpy Super Price Action H1 Signal how to make money fast with this price action indicator.

Follow MPA3.0 price action signal and also you can make money fast in real time: this is the power of MPA3.0 indicator. Let’s see how it works.

As you can see on EurJpy chart, price form a Super signal with tree converging signals: Pinbar, Engulfing & Divergence, all on one Long (Buy, Call) direction. In my opinion this is one of big real price action signal you can find on currency charts.

Put my pending order on 50% pinbar retracement (Buy limit) with this entry features:

Entry point at 122.260

Stop Loss at 121.950

Take Profit at 123.060

and this is the real R/R (123.060-122.260)/(122.260/121.950)= 0.8/0.31=2.58

Today, January 06 2017, now here’s what ‘ happend:

If you want to achieve this amazing results with no stress, no confusion, no any other distractions, only one things:

Click here to download MPA3.0 Best Price Action indicator ever

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CadJpy how to trade price action signal in forex markets

CadJpy how to trade price action signal in forex markets

Today it’s pips day. CadJpy on h4 time frame give me an amazing result. See the image below:

CadJpy how to trade price action signal in forex markets

As you can see after break out (last few days), price form a Pinbar (1) on h4TF, so as usual and in linee with my price action strategy, put my pending order (buy) on a body level (of a pinbar) and wait. Just a few days to cash.

Tanks to my MrPriceAction indicator. And you?

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Price Action Trading Explained AudJpy March 12th 2016

AudJpy: Price Action Trading Explained

Hi guys, this week I want to focus your attention on this pair: AudJpy because, it’s possible to see the perfect price action trading signal, if price show this particular pattern near next strenght level.

Look this image:

audjpy possibile trade 2016-03-12 15-04-34


In fact price, in recent months (downtrend confirmed), formed lower lows  and higer lows, so if price reject this level (maybe form a pinbar or engulfing, one of these price action signal), we can look for a potential trade setup with a amazing Risk/Rendiment.

We’ll see in this week.

Certain that if you don’t have an indicator that analyzes 270 graphics in real time looking for the price action signals …. I don’t know how you can do that. Below you can see my price action indicator in action!!!!

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