Daily Forex Market Commentary & Trade Ideas: February 25th 2016

Daily Forex Chart commentary & Trade Ideas February 25h 2016:
Hi there, this is my personal opinion, and this is not advice or a recommendation, it is educational and general information only.

That’s all I see.

EURUSD: Today nothing significant was happend, so we are still there, wait for price take one direction!!

eurusd daily signal 2016-02-25 22-10-01


AUDUSD: price move in our direction, all that we have said remains on, so…..

audusd signal daily 2016-02-25 22-13-19


GOLD: price begins to make strange movements, and so I decided to close the trade with a great gain:

gold daily 2016-02-25 22-18-53


That’s all for today, I will remember you that I use only MrPriceAction indicator signal. You can get this amazing indicator clicking below.

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