Daily Forex Market Commentary & Trade Ideas: February 29th 2016

How to trade markets with price action

Daily Forex Market Commentary & Trade Ideas: February 29th 2016

29th February 2016 Daily commentary 0

Daily Forex Chart commentary & Trade Ideas: February 29h 2016:
Hi there, this is my personal opinion, and this is not advice or a recommendation, it is educational and general information only.

That’s all I see.

EURUSD: on monthly tf we can see a bearish pinbar that suggest downtrend renewal, so we can wait for little retracement and looking for price action signal to restarting trend.

eurusd daily signal 2016-02-29 22-04-59


EURJPY: as I said yestarday, price restarting downtrend on a perfect price action signal (pinbar) and  if you were greeted inside, now you’re counting the pennies…

eurjpy daily signal 2016-02-29 22-18-29


CADJPY: last currency pari for today, I’m waiting for the 50% rebound, this is the level where I placed my take profit..

cadjpy daily forex signal 2016-02-29 22-24-30

Now, if you want to get all price action singal on 270 forex graphics in real time, you have to use the mr price action indicator that you can download it below.


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