Price Action Trading Explained AudJpy March 12th 2016

How to trade markets with price action

Price Action Trading Explained AudJpy March 12th 2016

12th March 2016 Trading 0

AudJpy: Price Action Trading Explained

Hi guys, this week I want to focus your attention on this pair: AudJpy because, it’s possible to see the perfect price action trading signal, if price show this particular pattern near next strenght level.

Look this image:

audjpy possibile trade 2016-03-12 15-04-34


In fact price, in recent months (downtrend confirmed), formed lower lows  and higer lows, so if price reject this level (maybe form a pinbar or engulfing, one of these price action signal), we can look for a potential trade setup with a amazing Risk/Rendiment.

We’ll see in this week.

Certain that if you don’t have an indicator that analyzes 270 graphics in real time looking for the price action signals …. I don’t know how you can do that. Below you can see my price action indicator in action!!!!

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